Prayer Journaling for Busy Christian Women by Alana @ Praying Christian Women

Prayer Journaling for Busy Christian Women

Prayer journaling tips, tricks, and how-tos that will take your prayer life to the next level!

What's included?

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Session 1: Getting Started With Your Prayer Journal
3 mins
How to Get the Most Out of This Course
5 mins
Common Questions Before We Begin
3 mins
Benefits of Prayer Journaling
6 mins
Forum Question: What brought you here?
Intro to the Prayer Diary
8 mins
Forum Question: Feeling out of your comfort zone yet?
Intro to Prayer Lists
7 mins
Forum Question: Prayer them or hate them?
Intro to Bible Journaling
10 mins
Forum Question: How would your life change if...
Intro to Listening Prayer
7 mins
Session 2: Writing Out Your Prayers
2.1 Your Letters to God
19 mins
Your Letters to God PDF
107 KB
2.2. Overcoming Writers' Block
13 mins
Overcoming Writers' Block PDF
112 KB
Forum Question: What's your biggest source of writers' block?
2.3 Prayer Journal Troubleshooting
15 mins
Prayer Journal Troubleshooting PDF
106 KB
Session 3: Praying With Lists
3.1 Benefits of Prayer Lists
13 mins
Forum Question: Unexpected gratitude
3.2 Common Questions About Prayer Lists
17 mins
Common Questions About Prayer Lists PDF
94.2 KB
Forum Question: Midpoint check-in!
3.3 Prayer List Pitfalls
18 mins
Prayer List Pitfalls PDF
114 KB
3.4 Tips to Stay Focused and Organized
12 mins
Tips to Stay Focused and Organized PDF
88.7 KB
Session 4: Journaling Through Scripture
4.1 Read and Glean - Part 1
9 mins
4.2 Read and Glean - Part 2
8 mins
Read and Glean PDF
91.1 KB
4.3 Journaling Through Scripture
10 mins
Journaling Through Scripture PDF
101 KB
Forum Question: Paper vs. electronic Bible?
4.4 Writing it Out
6 mins
Forum Question: Hand cramps, anyone?
Session 5: Listening Prayers
5.1 Being Reflective
11 mins
Being Reflective PDF
107 KB
5.2 Reflecting on Scripture
9 mins
Reflecting on Scripture PDF
102 KB
5.3 Picturing the Future When We Pray
11 mins
5.4 Common Questions About Listening Prayer
8 mins
Forum Question: What would life without fear look like?
Wrapping It All Up - Plus Bonus Features
Favorite Prayer Journal Resources
6 mins
Bonus Material - Prayer Journaling and Productivity
7 mins

Changing the prayer at a time.

Do you ever feel like there has to be more to prayer than what you've been experiencing in your own prayer life?  Our mission at Praying Christian Women Ministries is to encourage busy Christian women like you by equipping you with practical tools you can use to deepen your connection with God, infusing your prayer life with boldness and world-changing power!