New Beginnings Online Prayer Retreat by Alana @ Praying Christian Women

New Beginnings Online Prayer Retreat

Start your new year off right with this at-your-own-pace online prayer retreat from the founder of Praying Christian Women

What's included?

Video Icon 13 videos


Part 1: Welcome
1.1 Welcome.mp4
6 mins
1.2 Begin with Gratitude.mp4
5 mins
Part 2: Reflecting on the Past
2.1 Reflecting on the Past.mp4
4 mins
2.2 Questions for Reflection.mp4
6 mins
Part 3: Letting Go of the Past
3.1 Why Confess.mp4
6 mins
3.2 Take Time to Confess.mp4
3 mins
Part 4: Praying with Insight
4.1 Prayerful Journaling.mp4
5 mins
4.2 Let's Talk Forgiveness.mp4
6 mins
Part 5: Going Deeper
5.1 Brainstorming Prayers.mp4
8 mins
5.2 Wishful Prayers.mp4
7 mins
5.3 Imaginitive Prayers.mp4
10 mins
Part 6: Wrapping it All Up
6.1 Power in Words.mp4
6 mins
6.2 Where do we go from here.mp4
5 mins

Changing the prayer at a time.

Do you ever feel like there has to be more to prayer than what you've been experiencing in your own prayer life?  Our mission at Praying Christian Women Ministries is to encourage busy Christian women like you by equipping you with practical tools you can use to deepen your connection with God, infusing your prayer life with boldness and world-changing power!